Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rangoli on cardboard.

The biggest drawback with Rangolis are that they cannot be preserved and it really breaks your heart to see your hard work drain after 2-3 days. So we found a solution “Rangoli on Cardboard”. Though it is not that traditional form of Rangoli but it gives a similar effect. Let’s start


• Cardboard
• Coloured sheet
• Glue or fevicol
• Colored Stoned
• Mirrors
• Cones of colourful colours(You can learn how to make them at colouful liners )


Step 1:
Choose a design you want to make. It can be of any shape that appeals you.

Step 2:
Take a cardboard and cut in the shape and size of design you want to make. Cut a coloured sheet of same size

Step 3:
Sick the cardboard and coloured sheet together.
Step 4:
Now decorate it with colored cone, mirrors , stones ,glitter or anything that appeals you.Can paint is to make it look more colourful.

Step 5:
Put Diyas and flowers to enhance its beauty.

Now your Rangoli is ready , you can place it anywhere. Near the entrance or the pooja place. After the festival you can keep it back and use whenever you want…. Now your Hardwork will not spoil. The more colourful you make the more beautiful it would look.

Do share your views and ideas and share your comments. Post your comments on the right side of this blog on the tag board.If you want to know another traditional form of Indian painting,'Madhubani " Visit Tips for making Madhubani.
Also learn more about glass painting at Glass painting Designs


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Shirley said...

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