Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rangoli Designs:Celebration of Colours

How to create the rangoli designs and pattern?

Choose a design that you want to draw. You may find designs from the sites given on the right or you may try to create your own design. Rangoli pattern are symmetrical in nature and geometric in shape

Choose the area carefully as once you make it the venue cannot be changed.Wipe the floor with a wet cloth and wait for the area to dry.

Step 3
Depending upon the space available, decide and mark the center point of the Rangoli . With a piece of chalk, first draw the outline of the design.

Step 4
Decide about the color scheme .Now it's time to fill in the outline with rangoli powder, the most challenging part of the whole exercise. Pick up some powder with your thumb and index finger and fill in the design by rubbing the two fingers together and sprinkling the powder on the floor ., and start from inner circle. Go on filling the circles as per your pre-decided colors scheme till the last circle. The Kolam can extended with the use of various symbols.
Take care to sprinkle the powder carefully; don't let powders of two different colours merge with each other.


monika said...

thanx 4 such useful tips :)

Thoughtfactory said...

I a glad you liked it

Thoughtfactory said...

I a glad you liked it

kanwaldeep said...

your suggestions were very important for me.thanks...but i would like to know from where one can find "white colour" powder for creating intricate i'm not been able to find it anywhere.I'm from chandigarh.I'm looking for free flowing colours (not saw dust) and i would also like to know more about marble dust.

kunal said...

these tips r very helpfull for us

longge said...

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Cool said...

Excellent collections dude..!!!

Rangoli Designs