Friday, October 26, 2007

Water Rangoli/Alpana

Flower Rangoli made on water

Water rangoli/Alpana

Apart from normal rangoli designs one can also try Water Rangoli. For this water must be stangnant and shallow.It is also known as Alpana
There are two types of water rangoli

1. Painting under water:

Take a bowl of glass in which you are going to put your Rangoli underwater. Glass bowl will give 3-D effect as its inside water and glass is transparent. Put water inside that bowl.

Now take a plate on which you are going to draw the Rangoli. Plate should be clean. You can use transparent plate, this will add more beauty. Apply ample amount of oil on plate. As oil and water never mix.Draw the Rangoli on that plate. After drawing wait for few minutes, let the sand or powder absorb the oil.
Now pour little more oil to wet the powder from the side slowly (from the side since you don’t want the power to spread).

Now take that plate and put it inside the glass bowl at bottom surface. And see the effect. Nothing will happen to Rangoli as you are using oil.

2. Painting on the surface of water

1.Using Destember :
This is done by spreading destember on the surface of the water. The destember neither disolve in water readily not sinks in.Over the destember surface we can paint rangoli using rangoli power or rangoli sand.

2.Using melted Wax
Alternatively spread some melted candle wax on shallow stagnant water.... let the wax settle in a thin layer.. over this layer make the rangoli as is usually done but take care as to not make the layer too thick otherwise it may sink...

3.Using Paper
Take a paper and cut it in the diameter of your utencil . Make a design and decorate it with flowers or saw dust. Now gently float the paper on water . Add glitter to make it more beautiful.

Use some floating candles to enhance the beauty.

This way enhance this Diwali with Rangoli designs and patterns.


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